Auto Clicker: Download Latest Version (UPDATED 2024)

Auto clicker Portable Software is an application that offers impressive functionality, such as automating the repeated task with just one click. Any regular job that requires human interaction can be automated with high accuracy. 

Besides that, you can use the simplest form of navigation given in the application to choose the desired actions. Once you decide the flow of the clicks, select the area where you want to place the action. Save the settings, and the software will remember your inputs for the further process.

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Next time, whenever you navigate to the same page, the automation functions of this application will trigger the previously saved information and click the element without human interaction.

You can search the Auto clicker Application in the play store and install it immediately. Users are given options to set the tabs, find the location, and add the delay between two clicks based on the need of the projects.

Furthermore, After installing the application on your device, the floating control will appear on top of the screen. You can start or stop the automated functions using the inputs button and operate the software from the centralized control system.

Automation of repeated tasks enables you to reduce your efforts and increase productivity. Imagine how much time you spend clicking repeated input while working on specific projects. Semi-automated software such as Auto Clicker will cut down the efforts by 50% and improve execution speed. 

What is Auto Clicker Software Application?

Auto clicker Portable application offers you features that allow you to set the clicks on specific buttons or navigation. For example, the person working on the data entry task might have to manually fill in the form and navigate to the submit page.

The application could reduce the efforts to navigate from one page to another without dragging the mouse to the submit button after completing the form filling. Set the Auto clicker duration for the page and let the software navigate you after the pre-determined intervals. 

In another example, there are many marketing activities where the operating person has to frequently click on the like and share button on the various social media platform to spread the news about their company. This computer tasks automation software will help you automate repetitive tasks and save time generally spent on manual execution. 

The functionality of the auto clicker software brings more control to your hand. It allows you to bypass reoccurrence tasks and speeds up production.

Moreover, various settings and options are provided to the users in the app. The application follows the users’ instructions. There is zero possibility that the application will fail. Every click is automatically triggered once the parameters are established, giving you the freedom to choose your customized process.

Alternatively, the application allows you to start the process manually as well. The application can perform the given instruction with high accuracy.

Additionally, recorded inputs and vital parameters are saved in the database. When you turn on the app again for the next job, the previously registered information is already available in the app.

It is a useful tool that decreases the operation time generally spent on manual work. Besides that, the Auto clicker is useful for Sales training programs. It is mainly used in corporate training to automate repeated tasks such as auto call dialing, new customer data entry, form filling, invoicing, accounting, etc.

On top of that, you can set the auto click duration as required to make the process seamless while working. So every time you complete your task, the Auto Clicker will trigger the selected action and move to the next page.

Software Package Information

Software NameAuto Clicker
File Size939 KB
Content Rating3+
Supported PlatformsWindows, Mac, Android. iOS and Linux
Supported VersionMicrosoft Windows 11 and 10
CategoryAutomation Tool

Download Auto Clicker Software


How to Download and Install Auto Clicker Software?

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Auto Clicker application is easy to download and install. Follow the below instruction to get the app securely installed on your device.

How to Download and Install Auto Clicker App for Android? 

Android users do not have to go through a hectic process. The Auto Clicker APK is officially listed in the Google play store, making it easy to download and install. 

You can follow the below installation process to get the app on your device.

  • Before you begin the download process, close all the background applications to free the memory.
  • After that, download the app from the android store. 
  • The download procedure will begin, and soon the app will be installed on your device.
  • Find the app on the home screen. 
  • Open the application and explore the features.

Android version of the application is generally used on the Chromebook.

Auto Clicker Software for PC and Mac

Auto Clicker Software application is directly downloadable from this website. So, you can head over to the download section of this page and get the portable application.

Then, you will find the app on your desktop screen within a few minutes. Double click the application to launch it and start using it.

How to Get Auto Clicker App for IOS?

Different developers have created Auto clicker applications and released them through an independent platform. There are many versions of this application available on the web. They look different by design, but the app does the same job as the Android app. 

Features of the IOS version of the auto clicker app perform a similar task as the application available on the android play store. Thus, you can get the IOS version of this software from many sources and start using it.

It is available to download for free of cost and works on a wide range of IOS devices, including iPhones, iPads, and iPods. The application is easy to install and runs smoothly on all screen sizes. It can be added to any game or app to create the auto simulation. 

How to Use the Auto Clicker Application?

software interface

Auto Clicker application is helpful to reduce human interaction. Choose the place where you want the auto-click application to run. Once you select the area, set the auto click. You can even set the timer for each click. Once the timer is set, action triggers automatically after a set time has reached. 

The auto-click is helpful for repetitive tasks such as the auto-submit button when you complete filling out the form, RPG games, battlefield games like Roblox, desktop software control, etc.

Also, there are two modes of auto-clicking options available in this tool where it allows to manually configure in any pre-determined location or dynamic location.

Additionally, navigate the website page through the auto function to get the desired information quickly.

The action pack games require an instant response. You get the option to set multiple points at a specific interval.

So there will be no delay in action, especially when you are using multiplayer games. Reaction time is crucial in the battlefield game. A single click during the fight scene can be a game-changer. Auto clicker app helps you automate certain clicks and improve the player’s efficiency.

Another great feature that the young generation may like is tracking the clicks. For example, when using Tinder, you might monitor the number of times you swipe rights or left. Auto clicker Software can record the clicks and generate a comprehensive report showcasing how many left and right clicks are placed.

As you start using the application, you will discover many different possible opportunities to use this awesome software. Auto clicker bring down the execution time of a particular job and save energy. Also, the app makes the operation cost-effective. 

Detailed Aspects of this Automation Software

Auto clicker is a simple but powerful application that you will find for mouse pointer automation. It offers multiple benefits such as easy navigation, quick click support, automated form filling, and submission. 

Make your team more efficient and productive by offering them the Auto Clicker software. Automate a specific task where the clicks play a critical role. With this application, you can reduce the number of people needed to handle a single job.

Automation speeds up the process and improves the production capacity. Combining the auto and manual tasks helps you get the maximum outcome within a set duration.

Auto Clicker Software Features

Instant setup

Auto clicker app is portable software. So that, you can easily download start using it. 

Friendly Interface

The navigation of the application is relatively easy. You do not have to think or do research to decide what the application will do for you. Start using it instantly and get the manual job automated.

Start and Stop

The single-click start and stop button gives you complete control over your application.

Smart click setup

Use the smart click setup to manage multiple tasks with a single click. The Auto Clicker application will run multiple clicks without needing you to monitor the frame. It will run until the process ends at the set terminus.

Setting Duration

You have the option to set the duration for the particular task. There will be a time when you have to manage a specific job for set intervals. The duration setting features enable you to lock the time according to the necessity and generate the desired outcome. 

Duration setting is a vital function among all other features. You will be surprised to see how the simple application turns your ordinary task into a process of advanced, more sophisticated software.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Auto Clicker a Free Software?

Yes. It is totally free to download and use.

How to unblock the Auto Clicker?

Please go to the settings of the software and then configure them in the way you need.

Can I use AutoClicker software on video games like Roblox and Minecraft?

Of course. There are many video game players who use this tool to help them out with their gameplay.

Does Auto Clicker support Microsoft Windows latest versions?

Yes, you can simply download and use it on Windows 11 and 10. Further, it supports for Mac operating system as well.

How to start the Autoclicker software?

Download and click on the autoclicker.exe file.